Hi Beautiful Soul...

I’m happy to see that you’ve found your way here.

My name is Kee, I’m the founder of Kee to Life Birth Services and the thing I most want to help you recognize, is the magic and power in you! I want you to shed any layer of social conditioning and ancestral patterns and know your true power.

As a woman of Ojibwe heritage, I strive to integrate a connection of birth and motherhood in ceremony to enhance the power of birth in a way that re-connects them with the ancient wisdom and underlying strength of the beautiful birthing experience.

It is my passion to serve my community and create awareness about birth while incorporating the essential components of wise woman care that includes limiting unnecessary interventions, providing informed evidence-based support, and respecting the rights of the pregnant person to make decisions about their own care while making sure that women have the ability to choose their birth plan and understand that they have options.

I am a full-time midwifery student of Indie Birth, a placenta encapsulation specialist and holistic childbirth educator located in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. I began my midwifery journey similar to so many birth workers who have come before me, I became passionate about birth during the pregnancy of my son who was born in our home February 2018. My homebirth experience changed my life marking the transition from maidenhood to motherhood and affirmed my divine purpose.  

My other passions include dancing, cooking, hiking the red rocks, riding my Vespa and traveling with my cute little family of 4! While I am not accepting midwifery clients at this time, I hope you can use my website as a resource for various topics on pre-natal, birth and post-partum care as well as placenta encapsulation services.

❤ , Kee

“Without the freedom to make our own birth choices, or to serve women in the way they are asking to be served; we will not see change.”
— Indie Birth Association