My name is Keelan Mercer but like my friends and family, you can call me Kee! I was first introduced to midwifery in 2017 and my homebirth experience changed my life marking the transition from maidenhood to motherhood and affirmed my divine purpose (click here to read my homebirth story.)

I am a mother and a midwifery apprentice with Maryn Green of Indie Birth Association. I am a full-time midwifery student of Indie Birth, a placenta encapsulation specialist and holistic childbirth educator located in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. I began my midwifery journey similar to so many birth workers who have come before me, I became passionate about birth during the pregnancy of my son who was born in our home last February. As a woman of Ojibwe heritage, I strive to integrate a connection of birth and motherhood in ceremony to enhance the power of birth in a way that re-connects them with the ancient wisdom and underlying strength of the beautiful birthing experience.

I knew from the time I was a young child that I was called to be of service to others, (I thought this meant I needed to become a doctor…) but I never really knew how my gift was going to be used in a more impactful and meaningful way until several years later. I grew up in Scottsdale, Seattle, Dallas, and Switzerland but spent most of my impactful years growing up in North Phoenix. I excelled in all styles of dance and student leadership, and after high school I attended Grand Canyon University and pursued a bachelor's degree in pre-physician assistant studies. I was fortunate to be able to work in four different medical fields during this time (dermatology, plastic surgery, pain management, and emergency services) to expose myself to as many areas of medicine as I could as a college student with a prospective career as a P.A.

After college, feeling unsure of my direction and lack of passion I met the love of my life and relocated to Sedona, AZ. Little did I know at the time that moving to Sedona would change my life, and my career forever. Growing up and in college I was exposed to a very traditional Western healthcare model but always believed in fusing natural medicine with a holistic approach. In May of 2018, my eyes were opened to the realities of the birth system here in the U.S and immediately, my partner and I made the decision that a homebirth was for us as it was important that we made each choice in our journey with our son as our own.

As a traditional birth worker, it is my passion to serve my community and create awareness about birth while incorporating the essential components of wise woman care that includes limiting unnecessary interventions, providing informed evidence-based support, and respecting the rights of the pregnant person to make decisions about their own care while making sure that women have the ability to choose their birth plan and understand that they have options. My other passions include dancing, cooking, hiking the red rocks, riding my Vespa and travel! While I am not accepting midwifery clients at this time, I hope you can use my website as a resource for various topics on pre-natal, birth and post-partum care as well as placenta encapsulation services.

Love and light,


Without the freedom to make our own birth choices, or to serve the women in the way they are asking to be served; we will not see change.
— Indie Birth Association